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Howard Rubin


Dr. Howard A. Rubin is a Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Hunter College of the City University of New York, a MIT CISR Research Affiliate, a BCG Senior Advisor, a Gartner Senior Advisor, and a former Nolan Norton Research Fellow. He has also advised all the world’s major consultancies on benchmarking – McKinsey & Co, Deloitte, E&Y, PWC, Cap Gemini, and others.  He is the founder and CEO of Rubin Worldwide.  In 1997, Industry Week named Dr. Rubin one of the top 50 “R&D Stars to Watch . . . an individual whose achievements are shaping the future of our industrial culture and America’s technology policy” as a result of his bringing the IT workforce shortage to national attention.

Dr. Rubin is a pioneer in the areas of digital & technology economics and has built the world’s largest database in the field consisting of business, national, and technology data captured continuously since 1994.  This database is used by analyst firms such as Gartner Inc, among others. Using this database Dr. Rubin monitors technology-economic trends across companies and organizations that account for roughly 20% of the world’s GDP and an equivalent amount of technology spending/investment.

Dr. Rubin’s personal portfolio of client companies in total generate more than $1.5T in revenue to the global economy annually and account for more than $100B in yearly Information Technology (IT) spending.   In addition to his global data collection encompassing more than 350 financial services companies and 270 insurance companies annually, his financial services and insurance sector clients over the years include Aegon, Aetna, AIG, Allstate, AXA, American Express, Bank of America, Bank of New York/Mellon , Barclays, CIGNA, CIT Group, Citi, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Credit Suisse, DBS, Danske Bank, Deutsche Bank, Equitable Life, Fidelity, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, The Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, Key Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Liberty Mutual, Lincoln Life, Manulife, Mass Mutual, MetLife, Morgan Stanley, MUFG/Union Bank, New York Life, Nomura,  PNC Bank, Progressive, Prudential, Raymond James,  Standard Charter, State Farm, State Street, Sumitomo Mitsui, TD Ameritrade, The Principal Financial Group, Toronto Dominion, UBS, Webster Bank, and Wells Fargo among others.  Dr. Rubin has done extensive work in other sectors inclusive of pharmaceuticals, consumer products, technology, media, and telecommunications over his 30+ years of working in the field.

Dr. Rubin has also worked directly with heads of state or their key ministers around the world in the development of national competitive technology strategies and job creation programs (Canada, Philippines, India, Singapore, and more).  His work has been used extensively in the U.S. by former President William Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton and has been the subject of briefings to President Obama’s National Economic Council.

He is also the author of a Pearson/Financial Times video series on Technology Economics.  His Technology Economics column regularly appeared in Wall Street and Technology.  Dr. Rubin possesses a Ph.D. from the City University of New York in Computer Science and Oceanography.

Outside the world of technology Dr. Rubin is former Chair of the Board of Riverkeeper and was honored in 2016 with a “Big Fish Emeritus” award with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ralph Lauren, a supporter of the Clinton Foundation, a Leadership Council member of the RFK Foundation, a major contributor to student development programs/Film Fellows at the Tribeca Film Institute – In October, 2018 in Institute honored Dr. Rubin with an award presented by Robert DeNiro for his “Extraordinary Leadership”.   Dr. Rubin is also a former member of The Recording Academy and recently became a member of the NRDC’s Global Leadership Council.

Jed Rubin


Jed Rubin has worked in the field of technology economics for over 20 years. In addition to providing consulting and benchmarking services to hundreds of the world’s largest companies, Mr. Rubin has also advised big 4 consultancies and has also been involved in academic research, product and service development, publications, and speaking engagements worldwide.

Jed Rubin acts as Principal and Director of Operations at Rubin Worldwide, a pioneer firm in the areas of digital & technology economics, founded by Dr. Howard Rubin.  Working with Dr. Rubin, Jed helped build the world’s largest database in the field consisting of business, national, and technology data captured continuously since 1994.  This database is used by analyst firms such as Gartner Inc, among others. This database monitors technology-economic trends across companies and organizations in more than 20 sectors that account for roughly 20% of the world’s GDP and an equivalent amount of technology spending/investment.    Starting in 1999, Jed Rubin helped build Dr. Rubin’s groundbreaking website/data exchange site, metricnet.com.  Later, Jed helped publish the Worldwide IT Benchmark Report, authored IT Measurement Desk Reference, and created a benchmarking service at METAGroup.  Jed later went on to lead the creation of the IT Key Metrics Report and Service at Gartner.  In 2007, Jed rejoined Dr. Rubin and Rubin Worldwide, where he has supported the firms focus on thought leadership in the areas of digital and technology economics.

Mr. Rubin has been invited to speak for technology events in both English and Spanish in cities around the world including Bangalore, Barcelona, Budapest, London, Madrid, Milan, New York, Paris, and Prague for organizations such as Bloomberg, the Conference Board, IFPUG, Gartner, METAGroup, Mckinsey, and the Research Board.

In addition to their database which includes 350 financial services companies and 270 insurance companies annually,  Rubin Worldwide’s supports engagements and retainer services to support sectors inclusive of banking and financial services, insurance pharmaceuticals, consumer products, technology, media, energy, healthcare, transportation, oil and gas, retail, government agencies, communications, as well as many others.

Jed Rubin has also been an associate professor at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, Spain since 2006.

Joshua Rubin, Esq.


Joshua Rubin, Esq. is an academic, advocate, and social entrepreneur. His research focuses on Learning Health Systems (LHSs) coupling the potential of real-world evidence with the capabilities of data analytics, to unlock the potential of individuals and communities to improve health outcomes. Joshua works to transform such research into collaborative action that drives patient empowerment and public health. Just as he holds a passion for ensuring that every decision affecting human health is informed by actionable knowledge of “what works best”, Joshua believes that choices about technology underpinning the strategy of organizations and the progress of humanity must analogously be optimally informed by Technology Economics. Synergistic with his scholarship at the University of Michigan Medical School Department of Learning Health Sciences, Joshua also founded and runs a multi-stakeholder nonprofit organization to advance LHSs as a global movement, leads a philanthropic foundation created by a patient activist to empower patients, serves as an associate editor for the peer reviewed scientific journal of Learning Health Systems, and holds leadership roles at nonprofit organizations leveraging such principles to support survivors of trauma and to transform mental health outcomes.

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