Harness the Power of Technology Data
for Strategic Excellence

Rubin Worldwide offers IT benchmarking data, proprietary analytics, and models that leading organizations use to benchmark performance and forecast future business opportunities. We also provide advisory services to Fortune 500 companies and world leaders.

Expand your Technology Insights and Leadership

Rubin Worldwide is the market leader in providing IT data that spans 30+ years and 20% of the world’s economy. That wealth of insight, paired with next-generation Technology Economy indicators, enables the world’s thinkers to make strategic and tactical decisions to improve their organizations’ business and operational outcomes.

To use our indicators, 
please visit the Technology Economic Institute.

Meet the Founders

Dr. Howard Rubin and Jed Rubin operate multiple businesses that provide benchmarking information and technology economics data and news.

About Us

Howard Rubin

Chief Explorer of 
Technology Economics

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